Ascents® Variety Pack with Five Essential Oil Inhalers Clinical Aromatherapy


The Ascents™ essential oil inhaler variety pack includes five individually-wrapped Ascents™ essential oil inhalers for convenient, discreet relief of a range of symptoms: Calm No. 34; Sleep No. 9; Focus No. 04; Energize No. 17 and Curb No. 23. Variety pack includes five individually-

Utilizing the principles of fluid dynamics, the Ascents™ aromatherapy inhaler releases a precisely-metered dose of therapeutic essential oils when squeezed for convenient, discreet relief.

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Ascents™ personal inhalers feature only the purest essential oils, skillfully blended to create our research-based formulas.

These formulas are then packaged in our proprietary personal inhaler sachet, designed based upon the principles of fluid dynamics: utilizing special outer packaging to protect the oils from degradation, and a surgical foam inside to hold the oils, when squeezed, the dimensions of the inner pouch permit the release of precisely-metered doses of therapeutic scent. Ascents™ inhalers continue to dispense effective doses for hundreds of uses per unit, allowing for discreet, convenient and effective relief at home or on-the-go for up to 30 days after opening.