Focus No. 04 Ascents® Gel Clinical Aromatherapy


Increase concentration with the Focus No. 04 Ascents™ Gel, used in concert with the Ascents™ Diffuser. Scientifically formulated to enhance concentration, while addressing symptoms of mental fatigue and attention deficits such as those sometimes present with conditions such as ADHD. A 100% natural polymerization process makes Ascents™ Gels the first solid essential oil with the efficacy and performance of a liquid.

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Focus No. 04 Ascents® Gel Clinical Aromatherapy

Ascents™ Focus No. 04 features peppermint oil, shown in clinical studies to enhance memory and alertness. It has been skillfully combined with scientifically-recognized essences of rosemary, frankincense and bergamot to increase mental acuity.

This 100%-pure essential oil blend is then encapsulated via Ascents™’ proprietary, natural polymerization process, resulting in the first-ever solid essential oil gel that performs like a liquid, with none of the drawbacks or inconveniences of bottled oils.