Fresh No. 11 Ascents® Gel Clinical Aromatherapy


Be uplifted with the Fresh No. 11 Ascents™ Gel, when used in concert with the Ascents™ Diffuser. Clinically formulated from a blend of pure essential oils to uplift and relax while restoring a sense of environmental balance. A 100% natural polymerization process makes Ascents™ Gels the first solid essential oils with the efficacy and performance of a liquid.

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Fresh No. 11 Ascents® Gel Clinical Aromatherapy

Ascents™ Fresh No. 11 features ylang-ylang and citrus oils, shown in clinical studies to uplift, relax and balance. These 100% pure essential oils have been skillfully blended then encapsulated via Ascents™’ proprietary, natural polymerization process, resulting in the first-ever solid essential oil gel that performs like a liquid, with none of the drawbacks or inconveniences of bottled oils.

Ascents™ Gels, when used as directed as part of the Ascents™ System, enhance the environment of spaces up to 600 square feet, and require no water or heat for activation. This ambient, cold-diffusion delivery method ensures that the delicate active organic compounds found within the oils maintain their full therapeutic value. It produces no smoke or ozone, resulting in an exceptionally clean, hygienic diffusion.