Sleep No. 91 Essential Oil Inhaler Ascents™ Clinical Aromatherapy


The Ascents™ Sleep No. 91 clinical aromatherapy inhaler is a convenient and discrete way to address symptoms of insomnia and restlessness.

Utilizing the principles of fluid dynamics, each Ascents™ inhaler releases a precisely-metered dose of therapeutic essential oils when squeezed.

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Sleep No. 91 Essential Oil Inhaler Ascents™ Clinical Aromatherapy

Ascents™ Sleep No. 91 features lavender oil, shown in clinical studies to help address symptoms of insomnia. It has been skillfully combined with other scientifically-recognized sleep-enhancing essences of marjoram, tangerine and ylang-ylang to promote a restful night’s sleep.

This 100%-pure essential oil blend is then packaged in a proprietary personal inhaler sachet, designed based upon the principles of fluid dynamics: utilizing special outer packaging to protect the oils from degradation, and a surgical foam inside to hold the oils, when squeezed, the dimensions of the inner pouch permit the release of precisely-metered doses of therapeutic scent. Ascents™ inhalers continue to dispense effective doses for hundreds of uses per unit, allowing for discreet, convenient and effective relief at home or on the go for up to 30 days after opening.